Welcome to High Adventure Games, or HAG, as we call it.


In these pages we have collected our Game Fu and Geek Kwon Do and distilled them down to the following:

We like to have fun. We play games. We read about games. We write about games. We make games. We like to have fun.

All of this is in here.

We have also included other items of interest, gaming tools, movies, books, other popular media, and “All things Geek” TM that may inspire or be of interest to the gaming community.

<——A good place to start is the Web Log; that is the BLOG. New items will go there first (click the picture of the HAG on the left). You also might check out the HAG TAGS (Site Index) for a list of categories and their grouping.

The key points of HAG are centered around three of our projects:

We also are a fairly opinionated lot (at least in terms of games, books, movies, etc.) and occasionally take the time to generate reviews. This is particularly true of Elric the Damned and his ever-expanding body of movie reviews which can be found in the aptly named, Damned Reviews. Have a look around, drop us a line, and be sure to have fun.

~Adaen of Bridgewater, Steward of HAG

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