“Evil Dead” musical a bloody good time

“Evil Dead” musical a bloody good time

By Alexis Greene Thu Nov 2, 5:08 AM ET

NEW YORK (Hollywood Reporter) – A chain saw lops off a hand, then a head. Blood squirts. Intestines explode. Welcome to the wild and woolly universe of “Evil Dead: The Musical,” the stage version of Sam Raimi‘s gory low-budget 1980s films “The Evil Dead” and “Evil Dead 2.” …. http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20061102/review_nm/stage_evildead_dc_2

Now that takes the cake, “Ash” on stage. I wonder if it is “Good Ash” or “Bad Ash”…I suspect, its just the “guy with the gun” (click the image below).

Good, Bad, Guy with the Gun

Ash is probably one of the more popular of gaming icons from movies and I’m glad to see him getting his due on stage. He definitely seems to be mentioned at least once a session in my friend’s Imperial Destiny D&D campaign…maybe that’s because of the Ash Action-figure he has in his dining room…hmmm. That might explain it all by itself.

In any case, we need more Bruce Campbell movies brought to the theater. For my money, Bubba Ho-Tep is ripe for a musical….I mean Elvis is in it. You know, its been way too long since I’ve seen any of the Evil Dead movies (including the third movie, Army of Darkness). I think I’m off to watch a little of Ash’s ass-kicking….and don’t worry, I’ll get an axe first.

~Adaen of Bridgewater

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