Aega Mythea – Place Holder….More soon

Aega Mythea (AM) is a fantasy role-playing game set in a heroic age of swords and sorcery; a time of dragons and wizards, giants and elves, as well as the forgotten power of Atlantis. This is a mythic age in which a lone hero with a sword and determination can save a kingdom; a time of High Adventure.

Aega Mythea utilizes the High Adventure Game Integrated System (HAGIS TM). HAGIS is intended to facilitate robust, heroic game play, to explore conflicts the players care about, and to generate satisfying stories. The rules are structured to emulate great works of literary fiction, cinematic masterpieces, and the like.

A common theme in fiction is that of succeeding against the odds, often at the most critical and dramatic moments. The single arrow felling the terrible dragon to fulfill a nearly forgotten prophecy, the outnumbered hero vanquishing his monstrous foes in the face of certain death to avenge the savage murder of his family, and the scrawny adolescent defeating the evil overlord’s champion in single combat to save his one true love are all examples of this theme. They are exciting stories that are common in fiction. Even in historical accounts these “underdog” themes are present, if by only the fact that they are the stories that are most noteworthy and therefore remembered.

Players are encouraged to take on the roles of three-dimensional characters who are fully a part of the world in which they live; who have hopes and dreams; who feel passion, love, and hatred; who care about something…even if that something is no more than survival.

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