Imperial Destiny Campaign: Special Service (SS) Squad #4


I hope all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Feast (at least those in the US…all others, a pleasant Thursday). At this point, I thought it might be good to provide an update as to my current “actual play”. Note: I am on a short hiatus from play due to the birth of my second child, but will be back in the saddle shortly. [Keep on slaying the hordes of darkness for the glory of the Empire, guys!]

The campaign is set primarily in a heavily modified World of Greyhawk. The modifications are primarily related to the relative prominence of the city of Elredd in world events. Our gamemaster is an amateur scholar of the Roman Empire, and as such, much of the campaign is based upon events and themes from the rich history of Rome. Elredd is an island of glory and goodness amid a sea of surrounding evil and enemies. As such, much hope lies in the heroes of realm. The GM keeps meticulous “annals” of campaign events through the eyes of our comrade and historian, Alister… the Imperial City website.

Ahem…we’re actually on our THIRD set of heroes due to two most unfortunate series of events that led to Total Part Kills (TPK), the first of which I mentioned a while back (see my Doom of Flammenarbe d’Arcanum post). It should be noted that we’ve experienced quite a bit of “biting off quite a bit more than we can chew…and then biting even more”. Flammenarbe was a member of “The Emperor’s Hammer”, Ardentius was a member of “Special Service Squad #2”, and Sparrow is a member of “Special Service Squad #4”.

Throughout the campaign (and all three character sets), I have been relegated to the role of “Arcane Spell Caster”, either as a Wizard (Flammenarbe, #1, and now, Sparrow, #3) or a Sorcerer (Ardentius, the aspiring Elemental Savant of Fire, #2). This role suits me quite well, as I prefer spellcasters in actual play….That being said, a change of pace can be nice….ah, perhaps the next time we’re slaughtered for our stupidity, I’ll play a Dwarven Bruiser or an Elven Archer/Ranger/Bard/Rogue/ArcaneArcher….

Anyway, here’s a rendering of Sparrow, my current character, a Renee (River-Gypsy) with a secret background in the occult (by NBOS Character Sketcher Software

Sparrow, Master Warwizard

We currently are playing D&D 3.25 (a D&D 3.0 game with a medley of 3.5 elements and houserules that we like thrown in). I’m currently in discussions with the GM about the merits of the streamlined True20 system (from True20 Green Ronin) whose style of play may fit our group better. We’ll see where that goes.

~Adaen of Bridgewater,

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