Master Sparrow of the Elreddi War Wizards

Since my Mage has just “leveled” (though I haven’t been there for a session in quite some time due to family responsibilities), I had to pick a feat, skills, etc. While working these items up, I thought I might post him (Sparrow) here:


Master “Sparrow” of the Elreddi War Wizards
Alignment: LG Appearance: 5’9″, 140 lbs, black hair, brown eyes, 20 years old.
Human Wizard L10/L1 IotSFV (Diviner: Restricted School = Necromancy)
Prestige Class – Initiate of the Sevenfold Veil (A sort of Uber-Abjuration/Spell-duelist)
L1-10 = W, L11-17 = IotSFV, L18-27 = Wizard, L28 = Epic Levels…..

Str 9
Dex 15
Con 15
Int 18 —-All Stat Increases will go here (at L12 this goes to 19, @ L16 it goes to 20, etc.)
Wis 14
Cha 12

Feats (some of these are PrC driven):
Spell Focus – Abjuration H
Skill Focus – Spell Craft L1
Greater Spell Focus – Abjuration L3
Empower Spell W5
Energy Substitution – Acid L6
Quicken Spell – L9
Heighten Spell -W10
Pending for L12: Craft Wonderous Item

Later Feat Possibilities –
Spell Focus – Evocation, Item Creation Feat (possibly wand), Energy Admixture, Heighten Spell, Spell Focus – Evoc, Ench…., Greater Spell Focus – Evoc, Ench…, Maximize Spell, Spell Penetration, Greater Spell Penetration, Chain Spell, Improved Toughness

Knowledge – Arcana 14 (+1)
Scry 14 (+1)
Concentration 14 (+1)
Spellcraft 14 (+1)
Know: Monsters 14 (+1)
(all maxed out)

Know: The Planes 6 (+2)
Know: Nature 4
Alchemy 1
Intuit Direction 1
Know: Geography 1
Know: Architecture & Engineering 1
Know: Nobility & Royalty 1
Know: History 1
Know: Religion 0
(all less than maxed out)
(The +x’s in parentheses indicate my 12th level skill selections)
Languages: Common, Draconic, Rhenee, Sylvan

L9 Spells: Teleport (L5 Trans) & Dominate Person (L5 Ench)
L10 Spells: Persistent Image (L5 Illus) & Cone of Cold (L5 Evoc)
Newly Acquired L11 Spells: Analyze Dweomer (L6 Div) & Mass Haste (L6 Trans)

Pending L12 Spells: Mass Suggestion (L6 Ench) and Eyebite (L6 Trans)

Some Background Jottings…..we never did write this up formally…too hard after the 2nd TPK:

Sparrow (Child #3 –Denarus Entarius)

Alassa (Rhenee background) mother (source of magical ability….possibly a sorceress focused on Divination/Charms/Enchantments) and Tolian Entarius (Elreddi) father (merchant: textiles, rare spices, fine oils, imports/exports of the exotic)…..they met in a tavern….it was all very racy and scandalous.. Brother1 (Tolian) is taking up the father’s trade (very serious about the family business and wants to live up to expectations of an oldest son….mother thinks he works too hard). Brother2 (Gentius) is a historian (know’s of Alistar professionally, not personally, but have corresponded on historical matters….they disagree on some sticking point…..he is very bookish….we get along well.). Sister4 (Marissa) is a bard (serves in the Elreddi Army as a scout….bit of a wildchild….like her mother). Brother5 ( Gaius) is a bouncer/part-owner at a tavern….has been saving his money and he and friends opened the tavern….not clear where the money came from.

Sparrow has an Uncle Orasi (mother’s brother) who occasionally visits. He still lives with the Rhenee and is one of the few of her people with whom she (or her children) still has contact. Sparrow is on very friendly terms with Uncle Orasi (whom he resembles very much and whom he suspects is an Arcanist of some sort).

Sparrow has established effective use of spells for intelligence gathering, protections, and firepower as needed. During the Battle of Sky’s Wrath, he had been on a scouting mission and ended up fighting in the ranks with none other than Master Shadwell. Shadwell recognized his valor during the worst of the battle and recommended to his master that he be elevated to Initiate Level. During the battle, Sparrow very nearly lost his life and at that point opted to take a sentinel…..

Has a familiar: a sparrow (perhaps use the raven stats….or could I come up with something appropriate) named Zephyr. Zephyr likes to sing and sometimes seems startled when spoken to (a bit of an airhead…I’d recommend)…..Change this as you see fit.

Sparrow is the nickname that his mother called him “my little sparrow”.

Sparrow knows a lot of people who travel a lot due to his father’s import/export business. He has a friend in the Imperial Headhunters (Shade maybe…..whomever you like).

The Blackwolf did business with his father prior to being outed as a gangster by the Emperor’s Hammer…..Mother never approved.

Currently riding a horse named Rutigliano who has “two-words”….Extreme Diarrhea….Always seems to try to go on farm animals….esp. pigs. Very odd. That is unless you’d like for me to carry on with Amato…

I’m thinking the voice will be a Irish/Scottish/Cockney mix….we’ll see. Any recommendations/requests…I could do a German or Indian/Egyptian accent too? Anything works for me really.

I imagine that this is will likely be pretty boring for all but I thought “why the hell not?”

~Adaen of Bridgewater,

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