Imperial Destiny Campaign: Special Service Squad #4

I’ve been muttering about the characters I’ve played in my current game (run by my good friend, The Wraith). I thought it might be nice to give an overview of our current party….complete with pictures (Generated via the NBOS Character Sketcher). Note that much more information can be found on our illustrius GM’s website, The Imperial City.

The Imperial City Website

Our campaign, as I’ve mentioned before, is set in a highly modified version of Oerth (World of Greyhawk) and closely emulates the Roman Empire.

~Adaen of Bridgewater, High Adventure Games


Tiberius Ardax (sp)
Tiberius is a Cleric of St. Cuthbert, as well as our party leader. He has delved into the arts of Inquisition (i.e., Inquisitor Prestige Class). He fights with a spiked chain and shield. He is always the voice of reason and wisdom among us.


Lorenzo Glomm
Lorenzo is a decorated Imperial Scout (Rogue w/ levels in Ranger). He fights with a rapier/dagger combo, in conjunction with a buckler and is most skilled in trap detection.


Elspeth is a Cleric/Sorcerer in service of both the Deity Joramy (Fire Goddess) and the Arcanum (War Wizards of the Elreddi Empire). She is yet a junior member of the clergy and the War Wizards, but holds the promise of great power (She has taken the Mystic Theurgist prestige class). Whatever else is said, Elspeth’s ability as a negotiator cannot be doubted.


Jura the Canny
Jura is the hobgoblin sentinel of Elspeth. She is a master of a style of combat that focuses on speed, mobility, and a sharp axe. In fact, she is the wielder of Grimmig, an axe of immense and growing power.


Sparrow has been discussed recently

The Deatharc

The Deatharc
The Deatharc is sentinel of Sparrow and the last of a noble line of orogs……whose title of nobility was “Deatharc”. He is a powerhouse of destruction…. wielding a mighty scythe to effect the dismemberment of many.


Al is not truly a member of our party, but is rather a noted historian (field reporter) who is renowned for documenting the exploits and demise of the esteemed Emperor’s Hammer. He has since attached himself to our party to continue his work, albeit with lesser subjects.

4 thoughts on “Imperial Destiny Campaign: Special Service Squad #4

  1. Do you know of a place where people can post their self-created prestige classes? I created one called the LifeShaper and wonder if there is a central location of some kind that you might know about for posting user-created stuff like this. Thanks for any info you can give.

  2. I checked out your LifeShaper PrC. Very nice write-up. You might try posting this on the official WotC forums (they’re bound to have a place for this sort of thing). You might also check the “Dungeon Master’s Guild”(s) on Yahoo Groups. Activity has been a little slow there of late, but PrC’s are the sorts of thing to get them going again. Thanks for stopping by.

    ~Adaen of Bridgewater

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