Movie Review – Children of Men


Children of Men is set in the year 2027 and all women are infertile.

This slow, likeable movie earns a 7.

(This is all in the trailer.) Clive Owen stars as a former activist who is now working for the man. Eighteen years earlier, all women ceased to become pregnant (no, they were not holding out on the men). As humanity sees its end coming, civilization breaks down and countries devolve into chaos.
England stands above and maintains order through strong policing (some might say a fascist state) and a total ban on immigrants, which are put into prison camps before deportation. Julianne Moore approaches Owen asking him to help smuggle a pregnant African woman out of the country to the benevolent Human Project. Obviously, the first pregnant woman in 18 years would be an important scientific research project for any government that can get its hand on her…

Owen and Moore are somewhat stiff and not entirely sympathetic characters. Michael Caine is a bit over the top as a former hippie activist but doesn’t play a big part anyway. (To see Caine as a most poisonously cruel doctor, Quills is the movie to see. And it is soooo good. I digress.)

The movie seemed to drag quite often, and the plot was believable but stretched a bit too far at times. I was interested but not so much. It left too many loose ends and questions. A friend recommended the book to me as much better. This movie was decent, but I wouldn’t run out to see it.

There is a rumor that Battlestar Galactica may not be renewed for Season 4. If so, there will be much crying and gnashing of teeth…

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