Movie Review – Hostel


Hostel is a movie about a trip to Europe gone wrong slasher/death/torture kind of thing.

This “presented by Quentin Tarantino” but not directed by Tarantino was fairly boring and rates a 6.

Don’t spend $8 to see it. If you want a great slasher movie with lots of humor, rent Rob Zombie’s House of 1,000 Corpses (reviewed in May of 2003) and it’s sequel, The Devil’s Rejects. Both were 9s.

Two privileged American kids go on a European backpacking tour before they head off to law school. They wind up in Amsterdam and learn about a hostel in Slovakia where the chicks are super hot and love to do American guys. They go there, of course and get put in a semi-private room with their new buddy from Iceland and two super hot chicks. They party. There’s a lot of very gratuitous, sexy chicks with bare breasts and some sex thrown in. People start disappearing, and you know the rest with a plot twist done in many other stories before.

The acting was ok, nothing notable. It was pretty slow-paced and took a while for the story to do anything. I actually got tired of the multitude of well-proportioned bare breasts on the hot Eastern European chicks (either I’m getting old or had good sex this morning). I was there for the slashing and blood. Anyway, the plot was not terribly original and the ending was not terribly plausible.

I attended the movie with a friend of mine, who is a psychiatrist. He gave it a C, which I would translate into 6. After the movie, we discussed the science of it. He liked that it was medically accurate for most of the cutting, etc. He did note that cutting an Achilles tendon is not clean and should have some white stringy things hanging out and that when the optic nerve is cut, it should not ooze an orange goo. I just thought that they wanted some other color than red to give a little extra effect but noticed the error myself during the movie.

My friend accepted my offer to loan him The House of 1,000 Corpses. I would advise you to run out and see it for yourself. It is truly violent and bloody but well worth it for the laughs.

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