Movie Review – Kill Bill, vol. 2


Kill Bill, vol. 2 is the continuing saga of Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill, vol. 1. Get it?

This movie was a study in conflictedness but earned an 8 by the end.

I would say that one of the most transcendental images of pure womanly beauty in the guise of Uma was during the very first scene as she is driving and talking to the camera. The grainy yellow-washed-out black and white cinematography took us to that higher place where beauty dwells. Yes, Uma does her thing but not as believably as in vol. 1. Her acting is still pretty good just not as believable at times. Again, I am surprised at how attractive she is, but that may just be because she is my type. Dunno.

My primary conflictedness came with the casting of David Carradine as Bill. At times, he seems to fit the bill with his lifeless, ironic, self-satisfied delivery. At other times, he was just annoying as a lifeless husk puffing airlessly away at his lines. Perhaps Tarantino tried to make him a little too deep. Dunno, but I guess he was probably the best man for the part at the end of the day.

Daryl Hannah, bless her little pirate patch and sense of vicious murder. I think that only Lucy Liu (not in this vol. …) could give her a run for her money for the title of cold hearted bitch.

The script was generally good. At times, it was stretched too thin, like butter over too much toast. Vol. 2 tried to develop a little more background and depth making it very difficult to keep up the momentum of willing suspension of disbelief. This made it hard to swallow certain scenes as believable. Vol. 1 was much more believable since it pushed straight through in its martial arts vein without the textual introspection that jars one out of the moment and into a sense of ‘huh?’ Some scenes came across as a little hokey. Some were just mind-blowing in a most devastatingly direct and clever fashion. Good stuff.

Samuel L. Jackson makes a cameo. Didn’t even know it till the credits. Damn, that’s acting!

Overall, a delightful movie. Stay for the credits; they’re a good review.


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