Movie Review – The Evil Dead Trilogy


Last night Adaen and I watched The Trilogy. No, you dumb losers, not Star Wars, the Evil Dead Trilogy.

I give these wonderful movies (Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, Army of Darkness) a 7, 8 and 8.

Ash...The movies are centered around Bruce Campbell (you may know him from the famous Brisco County western tv program that was on Fox years ago. Didn’t watch it? Most people didn’t…) who is just some young guy going to a cabin in the woods with his girl friend to get a little quality time. They find the Sumerian Book of the Dead and accidentally release demons, which are rather pesky and have the bad habit of possessing humans in order to kill everyone else. “I’ll swallow your soul!”

Bruce’s facial’s, er I mean facial expressions, are priceless. His eyes roll back and forth as evil noises come from different directions as he tries to figure out from where the next attack will come. He has many cool lines like “give me some sugar, baby” and says them with great aplomb and feeling.

The cinematography is what makes these movies so cool. Intense close ups of facials, er I mean facial expressions again really help us to know the characters better so that we care. Really. And the stop-action filming when the scene is being viewed from the demon’s perspective as it cruises around the cabin through the woods in the dark is the most priceless feature of the films. Without this, they would just be ordinary B movies horror flicks. But the jerky camera action and weird lighting combined with the funky sound of the demon flinging along are totally cool, dude…

We loved the Evil Dead movies in high school, and we love them still.

It probably made the movies funnier when Adaen and I each drank a bottle and a half of wine with the movies. Go figure. But that Adaen, he just kept punching me in the leg, right on the bone on my poor shin. It hurts today. Maybe I should file a domestic violence report on him and sue for damages… Adaen, you are a bad bitch!


3 thoughts on “Movie Review – The Evil Dead Trilogy

  1. I disavow all “bad bitchiness” which may have been or may yet be attributed to me. What kind of Viking be ye who cannot withstand the Charlie-horse of Smiting? I have to say, Ash has got to be one of my all-time favorite characters…


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