Movie Review – The Specials


The Specials is a wicked parody about third class super heroes who cannot even get decent action figures made for them by a crappy toy company. It is like Mystery Men but funny. It was playing at the Cleveland Cinematheque, part of Case Western Reserve
University. This place has some cool shit.

I rated this movie an 8. I laughed my ass off all through it.

The Weevil (Rob Lowe) is having an affair with Ms. Indestructible, the wife of Strobe (John Hayden Church?) the leader of the Specials. These guys are like total misfits with fucked up powers.

They have the smartest man in the world, who ends up with a feminine pad on his face to stop a nose bleed. Power Girl is full of energy. Nightwing has bird powers. She can hear really well and lays eggs with tricks inside. They also have a mutant alien and a person who has one mind and eight bodies.

My favorite part was a discussion between Minute Man (shrinking power) and Deadly Girl (raises demons and travels through their plane to other locations on earth). He asks her what its like to raise demons and skeletons. “Cool,” she replies. He asks her what its like to be with demons instead of a family. What would she prefer?

“Demons and skeletons are like a child except that a child doesn’t try to eat the soft tissue off your face when you are sleeping.”

 This movie was good campy fun. Very sarcastic and clever.

~Elric the Damned, High Adventure Games 

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