[Timely] Movie Review – Bend it Like Beckham


Bend It Like Beckham is about an Indian teen in
London who badly wants to play football.

I gave this delightful ethnic drama an 8.

Of course, this teen is a girl who’s conservative Sikh parents think that it is improper for a woman to show her bare legs in public and play an athletic game. Ah, the struggle of dreams and desires against the parental units who just don’t get it. Mom and Dad just want what’s “best” for their youngest daughter. Not to mention, they don’t want her to bring shame on their family.

The characters in this movie are delightful. You cannot help but becoming emotionally invested in them. While most of our sympathies are with the girl, the movie is careful to make us understand why the parents are taking their position and to respect it even if we disagree. Just like My Big Fat Greek Wedding, this movie takes us inside an ethnic community to see all of its interesting and fun idiosyncrasies. Many plot lines are threaded together to weave a delightful tapestry of life in this family and its Sikh community in the context of

Bring your companion (there’s just too many females on this list to assume you are a guy and, hell, it’s hard to know if King is a guy or not) to this movie, and I guarantee that both of you will leave with a smile.

~Elric the Damned, HAG

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