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Struggling with Computer Crash

Posted by Adaen of Bridgewater on January 31, 2007


 For those of you  who are wondering as to the scarcity of posts, etc. over the last couple of weeks, I have recently suffered a computer failure. Yes, my beloved, high-end Dell XPS for which I paid way too much has failed me…..resulting in some data-loss. I am now in the painful process of attempting to restore data from my 2nd internal drive to an external drive.  This is a slow process.

Michael Dell, CEO of Dell, Inc.At this point, I’d like to thank the Dell Corporation for all the hours I’ve spent on HOLD for Technical Support….only to be told to bring it to Best Buy for a half-assed backup. Thanks Michael….your guys really shined that day. I spent a lot of money for an XPS because I like to be on hold. If anyone reads the customer surveys, they’ll hear all about it….hell, I may wait on hold again just to tell a Manager (not a supervisor….a manager).

 I had given the Geek Squad at Best Buy a chance at it, but they’ve dropped the ball. Though they were able to restore a bunch of stuff….mostly unimportant, replaceable stuff, they did not seem to restore the “shared files” section of the drive very well (including many family pics). I’m a bit pissed about the crap job they did (considering that they had the drive for like 10 days)….I will be complaining LOUDLY tomorrow on my lunch break. I had paid them to give me the dump of everything so that I could sort it out at my leisure, but it seems I have to do it all anyway. 

I’ve procured a program called Handy Restore…..it seems to be working well. I’ll update this post as to the results. Wish me luck…..oh, and if anyone has any insight into any of this, I’d love to hear. AND, I promise to bring you all back to your regularly scheduled gaming blog ASAP…..mmmm, yeah…..I’ll go ahead and do that.


~Adaen of Bridgewater, High Adventure Games

4 Responses to “Struggling with Computer Crash”

  1. Elric said


    Ease up on Michael Dell! He just fired the CEO and is stepping back into an active role at the company as CEO again.

    It’s probably because he got your feedback.

    He’ll fix everything all nicey nice…


  2. Gee, now I feel bad for the CEO….I know, I’ll send him something to make up for getting him canned…like a picture of my ass.

  3. […] by Adaen of Bridgewater on April 24th, 2007 I’ve gotten back to building (er, rebuilding) my PC back up to its former, pre-crash glory. Slowly but surely, things are shaping up. I’ve recovered all my personal files […]

  4. […] them being a bit more formal than I found them. It is possible that I lost a more refined document during my computer crash, but I’m not sure. Some of my thoughts for this system have changed, so a fresh look at this […]

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