New Geek Movie Out today – Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles

Robotech CoverHaving two small children in the house, the youngest of whom recently turned the four-month mark, I am more than a little out-of-the-loop in terms of popular media (e.g., TV, movies, etc.). I love movies, but I just don’t have the time much anymore. I do make some time to do look around the web though from time to time.

While looking tonight, I noted an ad on one of my favorite sites, RPGnet for Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles Movie. It features the voices of two giants in Geek Culture, Mark Hamill and Chase Masterson.


Chase Skywalker

 Here’s my first attempt at adding a YouTube bit:

Yeah, I’m going to have to look at some reviews on this….I’m thinking that this will be a DVD purchase. That’s not to say that I’m “going to wait for DVD” because I think its going to suck or somesuch, I’m just lucky if I make it out to a movie once a year or so.  That and it looks like it might be an “own it!” type movie anyway.

 This all reminds me that I’m really dying to get some info on good Sci-Fi tabletop Roleplaying Games. Back in the day, we played a lot of Star Frontiers. I’m not sure that is what we need right now. I’m sure I could adapt it/update it, but perhaps this has been done already. So any feedback on Sci Fi games that you love/could recommend, would be greatly appreciated. And with that, I’m off to bed.

~Adaen of Bridgewater, HAG Steward

6 thoughts on “New Geek Movie Out today – Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles

  1. Thanks for the tip. (I wonder if this movie will be any good…)

    Regarding Sci-Fi gaming… if you want to do cinematic styled play with lots of weird powers and stuff, GURPS 4e Characters with the Powers book has a lot of cool stuff. Keep in mind you’ll end up mainly with a tool kit for making a your own game, though, so going this route will require a bit of effort on the part of the GM.

    The complete line of Classic Traveller material has been released on CD-Rom for a very low price. The shortcoming here is that the game doesn’t quite work “out-of-the-box.” Houserules and Handwaves will be required to make it go, but there’s a lot of really cool stuff there.

    — Jeffro

    PS What’s the trick for making such nice picture insets? When I add images to my blog it always looks kinda lame….

  2. Thanks Jeffro. I own much of the Classic Traveller Material (from eBay), but have never played it. I plan to plod through the material at some point (as time allows). There are also a few recent reviews on RPGnet on MegaTraveller. From my understanding, both Classic and Mega suffer from similar issues as Star Frontiers in that they are a bit dated….not that I won’t play them anyway. I am curious as to what the appeal for the Traveller games is…why do you like it.

    I also own several GURPS books (3E mostly) for use as sourcebooks (hard to beat a GURPS book for that). GURPS would definitely work, but how does it stack up to other options?

    Also, what are the other options? I’m more of a Fantasy guy so I’m sure I may have missed the buzz on some really cool games over the last twenty-odd years.

    Thanks for stopping by. I’ll take a closer look at your blog in a bit. Car Wars is cool.



  3. The tricks are:

    1) Type your text first and then add the pic in the middle of it.
    2) Be mindful of the display size of the image….I often reduce the size of the height and width by the same factor(usually half)….The Hamil and Masterson pics are in the low hundreds for both height and width.
    3) Use the “border option” when you add the pic. I usually enter “10” or “20” for this, but it will vary on the pic.
    THEN, and this is the important part, while the picture you’ve added is still selected,
    4) Click on the “Align Left” button. Hitting it multiple times will vary the effect.

    It took some playing for me to get this. Let me know how it works for you.


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