Movie Review – Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider Theatrical PosterGhost Rider is an adaptation of the old comic book series.


This poorly developed nettle rates a lowly 5.


I’ve never been a big Nicolas Cage Fan. Face/Off was good, but he is just not the wind beneath my wings if you know what I’m sayin’. Anyway, Cage is the lead. He is a motorcycle daredevil that jumps over things that are slightly dangerous like a row of helicopters with their blades madly whirling. When he was a young carnie (carny?) jumping bikes with his dad, he made a deal with the devil to cure Daddy’s cancer. His price, turning into a flaming skeleton in the presence of evil. Pretty cool you say.


Well, the acting was ok. It was just a bit too cardboard. In the very first scenes, I could tell it wasn’t going to be good as the camera zoomed in on a carnival. It even looked like the 1970s as in the film was sort of old and faded. I looked over at my friend, and we both shook our heads.


Eva Mendez (hot, hot, hot) was the love interest. She cannot act particularly well, but the camera kept going to her low cut blouse. Don’t know why, but who am I to ask questions.


Peter Fonda was a dull Mephistopheles. Just not much there. Sam Elliot is the caretaker. He is in his typical role, the older tough guy with squinty eyes and long disheveled hair. Gee, it’s as though he stepped out of Road House. Remember that one? I bet your girl friend does. Actually, Swayze was a bad ass in that one.


It was just a monotonous treadmill to nowhere. Some of the special effects were cool but not quite worth the $8.25. According to one of our comic book readers, it tried to mash a couple of different episodes into one story. When will they ever learn?


Six of us went to the show. The four guys were not happy with the movie and the two female types thought it was entertaining and good. That goes to show, most chicks don’t know sci fi/comics. The ones that do, very nice. Then we went out for drinks and one of females has the temerity to criticize the original BSG. Sheesh!

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