What’s in a Name? – HAGIS, HAGAS, or whatever?

Midnight OilI’ve been busy as balls at work. I just completed three weeks of travel (including two continuous weeks abroad) and have been focusing on reconnecting with my family and all that good stuff that work seems to squash from time to time. Anyway, I’ve had limited time for gaming concerns of late.

The other day I was sitting in an airport wondering if my flight was going to be canceled due to the Nor’easter or not and had some time to think about my game engine, HAGIS. High Adventure Game Integrated System is what I’ve been calling it. While sitting there in the airport, I got to thinking about what was so integrated about it anyway? Its not supposed to be a whole system.

Its supposed to be a tool to tweak existing systems to focus more on what the gamers (the Players and GM) want to focus on. It is not a complete game in itself. Its what drives the game and makes it work. Its an applied mechanic or set of mechanics. It will be fully integrated into my Aega Mythea game, but in and of it self, its not so “integrated”.

I thought a name change may be in order. I am fond of the food analogy though (Aega Mythea, Made with HAGIS….You know, its not just for breakfast anymore). That’s when I thought about HAGAS, High Adventure Game Action System. It is designed to be a mechanic (for my games)/mechanic substitute (for other people’s games like d20). I will have to think about this some. Perhaps someone else may have a suggestion. I realize that it may be a semantic point, but looking at the clock, I realize it is keeping me up at night thinking about it.

The sooner I put it to bed, the better. And with that I think I will put myself to bed. Feel free to weigh in on this with your own 2 CP.


One thought on “What’s in a Name? – HAGIS, HAGAS, or whatever?

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