HAG System Name – still on the table

On, or rather IN, the TableI’m still wrestling with this as I write up a more explicit text for the core system. My thought is that the name ought to really say what the system does. It should provide a “High Adventure” feel in the games. Correction, it should increase the “High Adventure” feel. For example, the Grim and Gritty Combat System is very clear in what it does for d20.

The following are extracted from an email I sent my friend and fellow game designer, Dr. Pazzazzu. I’m going to have to sort them out a bit, but all things told, it’s not a bad brainstorm (in blue):

A = Action

High Adventure Game Action System = HAGAS


I = Integrated

High Adventure Game Integrated System = HAGIS

The main idea is that it is the variable mechanic 3 dice (take the mid resultexept for when a meta-game item is activated, invoked whateveriiiiin which case the high is used for an advantage and the low for a disadvantage).

The default will be 3d20 since this applies well to other systems d20/D&D, 3d6 (HERO, GURPS, etc.), etc. that have a 10.5 average (mid20 maintains this average result). But options for using other dice will be presented for other games (e.g. FUDGE, etc.). There will be an analysis of what using the weighted dice does as a mechanic (compared to other dice methods).

There will also be a section on differing meta-game schema’s such as (bear with me these are just examples):

1) I have a pool of HERO points that refreshes due slowly or based on GM fiat. I can use these points whenever I want, but when they’re gone, they’re gone.

2) I have a pool of HERO points that refreshes every session. I can use them whenever I want and am penalized if I have any left over at the end of the session (either mechanically or via ridicule from the other players)

3) I have a pool of points that must be used towards one of my predefined “character goals/passions/obligations/alignment” whatever. I decide when I want to use them. The GM can also activate metagame items at will…

etc. These are options for use in any game.

The idea is for this to be presented as a new mechanic or a tweek to a game’s existing mechanic for use in D&D/Rolemaster/GURPS RO for new game designs. Aega Mythea will be designed using this HAGIS/HAGAS mechanic. I’d like to keep the reference to haggis (the food item), because it just jives for me. My brother really likes it a lot too. “Aega Mythea…..made with HAGUS…its not just for breakfast anymore!”

Basically, I need to decide for HAGXS….what is the X….and what does it stand for?




HAGES —-nope

HAGOS —-nope

etc. and what it stands for. All will be “High Adventure Game _______ System” in which

A = action, activation, Adaptive, abstract, abstraction, add-on, anima (innerself, soul)

I = integrated, intelligent, Invocation, isometric

U = Unilateral, undulating, ultra-modern, ubiquitous, umbrella, unadulterated, unclean, unfettered, universal, utile, utopian, user-friendly

I’m leaning torward universal, action, activation, or invocation now…..Any thoughts?

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