Review: The Traveller Radio Program

Aranea - Arachnid Class D.S. Transport (AR-95)Doc RotwangDr. Rotwang on his “I Waste the Buddha With My Crossbow” gaming block recently highlighted the availability of a podcast based in the Traveller Universe that was recorded with 4-tack technology (i.e., otherwise known as “the hard way”) way back in 1988. The track is about 45 minutes and can be found here: The Chronicles of Ted D. Flask

Doc R went on to say, well, to say it kinda sucked. My thought was…Sci Fi Radio, come on, how bad could it be. I mean, we Sci Fi geeks have been putting up with low production values (e.g., Dr. Who) Dr. Who....anyone, anyone?for a long time. Well, I listened to it, and it is not good. Yet, like Doc, I listened to it for the full 45 minutes….and convinced myself that it wasn’t that bad and said so on Dr. Rotwang’s blog. I then listened to portions of it again. It is pretty bad, but I so wanted to like it. Because I made it through 1.4 times, I’m giving it a 5. Your mileage may vary.

~Adaen of Bridgewater

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