Beware my Atlantean Spirit!

I took the “Are you from Atlantis?” Quiz with the below result. Its not based on the Atlantean Trilogy from Bard Games(as reviewed on the Voiced in Eternity MMOG Blog), but interesting nonetheless:

Atlantis Royalty

Congratulations! You lived in Atlantis for one hundred or more lifetimes.

Atlantis Sinking

You’re an elite soul who loved the advanced material and spiritual qualities found in a volatile combination in Atlantis.

Other possible results to this test include:
Atlantis Citizen (less than 100 lifetimes)
Atlantis Visitor (less than a couple dozen lifetimes)
Atlantis Never

Attributes of Atlantis Royalty

As Atlantis Royalty, your favorite colors are most likely in the center of the rainbow spectrum. The lush semi-tropical vegetation found across the continent of Atlantis supported your desire to surround yourself with yellows, greens, blues and even white. The most admired race in Atlantis, the All-awares race, was blue skinned. If you currently favor another color, it may be due to other past life influences or due to an acute enjoyment of contrasts.

Misty mornings followed by days of warm, light breezes led many Atlanteans to prefer attractive layered clothing, or nudity, depending on their specific location.

During the height of the Golden Age, Atlanteans communicated almost exclusively through mental telepathy. Most Atlantean souls find hearing and speech to be important. These sense-powers are prevalent either because you seek to regain the significantly greater power of telepathic communication and thus relieve your frustration of not being able to express what you mean, or because developing your speech and hearing brings great joy through the subtle memory of the completeness of telepathy. You admire the ability to be quiet in conversations.

Regardless of whether or not you feel speech and hearing are dominant in your current life, procreation is important to you. Atlanteans were very proud of their ability to produce human offspring without physical intercourse. As the Golden Age declined into the Silver and Bronze Ages, Atlanteans lost the ability of astral (or immaculate) conception. To compensate for losing their prized ability, they became sensual experts and renowned creative artists.

At the height of the Golden Age, Atlanteans applied their knowledge of astral conception to successfully encourage the birth of many new species of animals. With knowledge of the divine One, Atlanteans created playful unicorns, colorful toucans, interesting fur patterns on cats and stronger domesticated mammals like oxen. The crowning genetic achievement of our ancestors was the creation of two humanimal species. The Hi-Boys were extremely tall, strong, coordinated, human-like creatures that excelled in manual labor. The Trawls were short and ugly but efficient and long-lived household servants. Even at the peak of widespread understanding of man’s co-creator role with the Godhead, Atlanteans became sharply divided over the extent that mankind should exercise Divine laws.

None of the ancient civilizations known to 21st century man have significant surviving artifacts from Atlantis, though the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations of the Mediterranean region have close similarities. Only a few mountain peaks from the western edge of the continent of Atlantis have survived in the Azores, an archipelago of nine islands located about a third of the way across the Atlantic directly west from Lisbon, Portugal. Since the sinking of the continent happened over many centuries, the limited surviving proof of Atlantis is spread from just off the coast of the Iberian peninsula into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean to the Azores.

Each of the civilizations on earth during the last Golden Age commonly exhibited many powers that are considered phenomenal by our Bronze Age standards. Varying physical locations in relation to the sun and stars, as well as the desires of the souls who incarnated together to form societies, caused each individual Golden Age civilization to excel in some phenomenal powers over others.

Phenomenal by today’s standards yet common in Atlantis, Golden Age superpowers included:

Telepathic communication – Imagine being able to send your friends and loved ones a message that is dreamlike. Advanced telepathy is far more than just words or images, it is a virtual experience that can be true to all of the senses. As the age of man declines, telepathy becomes more erratic and mysterious, eventually manifesting as a feeling or a “hunch” during the lowest point in the cycle.

Mediumship – Communicating with physically dead, disembodied souls is just one aspect of mediumship. A developed medium is telepathic to the astral and causal realms of creation. This usually includes the ability to access the ethereal imprint of every action and thought ever expressed in creation, a sort of library commonly called the Akashic records. Within the heavenly realms some beings have advanced to the point of existing as pure ideas. The ability to communicate with higher realms led to the application of astral procreation and genetic manipulation.

Flyer – Levitation is the most common use of this power. However, it is really the power to make any object exhibit a desired weight in relation to other objects. So, instead of soaring through the air the advanced flyer may choose to be planted on the ground, immovable, exhibiting the weight of a mountain of granite.

Elemental Control – Mastery over the classical elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether. One common example is how Atlanteans used their voice to control fire. Another example is that Atlanteans applied this mastery to the weather. Elemental mastery could also be applied to the direction of rivers, the creation of springs and even to the creation of volcanoes.

Supersensory Awareness – The five senses of sight, taste, touch, smell and hearing are significantly advanced during the Golden Age. Physical sight develops a telescopic ability. Taste includes the ability to sense things which today’s Bronze Age man can only smell. Smell is developed to the point where it can be used for discerning the chemicals present in any item, for diagnosing illnesses caused by bacteria, germs and viruses. Touch extends beyond the realm of the biological and molecular sensations. Touch during the highest age also reports changes in radio, magnetic and light (a form of magnetism) frequencies. Similarly, the range of man’s hearing covers a spectrum of vibrations beyond those discovered by any Bronze Age scientist with their sensitive instruments.

Nobility – With almost an effortless will power, Atlanteans were able to excel in the practice of any virtue. As the Golden Age ended, this noble power increasingly became degraded by the development of various vices through the Silver and Bronze Ages.
All Golden Age civilizations valued the position of the stars (astrology) in the same varied way that drivers value road signs today. All Golden Age individuals, not just Atlanteans, realized that a person’s eyes reveal more about their incarnation than any other physical attribute.

Atlantis Sinking
Atlantis Sinking is a love story set at the end of the descending Bronze Age when nearly all of man’s highest phenomenal abilities have been lost and the world is plunging into the darkness and ignorance of the Iron Age.

A distant prequel called Atlantis: A Tarnished Golden Age, set when the Golden Age descends into the Silver, is currently being written.

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