Goodbye Kurt

Kurt's BirdcageWe lost a special person last week, an author who was revered here at HAG and by many all over the world. Kurt Vonnegut was definitely a great author whose rapier wit will be missed.

My brother and I, we had always thought that Kurt would be a pretty cool guy with whom to grab a couple of beers. Living as we do within the greater Metro NYC area, we had seriously considered swinging by, ringing the doorbell and….well, the only thing we’d have been able to say would have been,

“Can Kurt come out to play….um, like….beers?” We would have been total tools, but maybe, just maybe he’d have come. I like to think he would have.

“Well, ok boys, maybe just a small one…..but tell my wife we’re just going for a walk.”

Alas, we never got up the courage to go and ask him. Let that be a lesson to all of you out there; Visit your legends while they live. Ours got tired of waiting for his invite out for beers. Good bye, Kurt. You will be missed.

~Adaen of Bridgewater

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