NBOS Gaming Tools are Cool – See J. K. Mann

I’ve gotten back to building (er, rebuilding) my PC back up to its former, pre-crashJ. K. Mann glory. Slowly but surely, things are shaping up. I’ve recovered all my personal files (family photos, music files, untold hours of work….you get the picture). Anyway, the other night, my two-and-a-half-year old daughter and I reinstalled the NBOS suite of gaming software. We had decided that we were going to use the Character Sketcher to draw a man.

I posted some of the images that I’ve made for campaign purposes before. They’re a little cartoonish and are limited to headshots, but they’re quick and dirty, AND, they do help with the whole shared perspective thingie in terms of what characters look like.

This time at bat with the Character Sketcher, I let my offspring make all the decisions: colors, nose, hair, beard, armaments, the works. Here’s what she came up with. She even named him J. K. Mann.

I was so pleased with how she did (in like 15 minutes no less) that I thought I’d post J. K. here, give my kudos to the folks at NBOS, and purchase the upgrade to NBOS AstroSynthesis program (that generates 3-D Star Charts, and all sorts of neato Sci-Fi schtuff). I’ve just started to play with that. I’ll post once I’ve had some time to see how things work.

~Adaen of Bridgewater, HAG Steward

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