NBOS Part II: Look, Look at the BONES….er, the maps

Flat Map....TestWow, I just started playing with the NBOS Fractal World Explorer/NBOS Fractal Mapper. Within like 10 minutes I was able to create a map like this. Also, take a look at the globe view of the same. These maps can be tweaked or majorly modified to my heart’s content and can be combined with the NBOS FractalGlobe 001 Mapper (comes with Fractal World Explorer), AstroSynthesis, Screen Monkey, InspirationPad, etc. Pretty freakin’ cool. And all of this from  a program (or suite of programs if  you’re planning on interfacing with NBOS’  other programs) that cost much less than the competition (uhem, ProPhantasy, I’m looking in your general direction). Again, I emote: Pretty freakin’ cool.

~Adaen of Bridgewater

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