Movie Review – Spider-Man 3


Spiderman3Spider Man 3 is the sequel to Spider Man and Spider Man 2. Surprise!

This was pretty decent and gets a 7.

It may have earned an 8, but the whole moralizing about revenge and how it turns out to be bad for you was a bit too obvious and was resolved too predictably. Otherwise, the movie was good. It had a solid plot with some interesting twists but none too surprising. The whole story about how the black goo arrived to make the black Spider-Man costume was a bit of a stretch. I liked what it did once it was on the scene. That was credible and quite spicy. Once it had its little claws on Peter Parker, there was a funny sequence with Peter strutting down the streets of NYC. A nice humorous interlude.

Toby Maguire seemed off as did Kirstin Dunst. I don’t know if it was their lines or they just weren’t putting forth the effort, but neither character was terribly sympathetic most of the time. Stan Lee made his usual cameo as did Bruce Campbell as a French waiter. Nice!

Thomas Haden Church was a credible bad guy as Sandman. His abilities with sand were nicely done. Thankfully, he didn’t have a lot of speaking parts…

The side story about Topher Grace’s character, Eddie Brock, trying to take over Peter Parker’s job as photographer was well executed. His ambition and manipulations were enjoyable and gave his character real life. It brought good flow to the overall plot.

A bonus was the armored car chase and wreck. That was filmed in Cleveland about a block away from my office on Euclid and East 9th. I could recognize the Cleveland buildings in the scene. Cool.

The movie was good but not terribly inspiring.

~Elric the Damned

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