Movie Review – 28 Days Later

28 Days Later


28 Days Later is a British movie that tries unsuccessfully to cross
Night of the Living Dead with Resident Evil.

I gave this waste of my Saturday night a weepy 5.

Some kind of PETA activists let some infected monkeys out of a lab.
Everyone gets infected and turns mad. Like AIDS, you need fluid
exchange to get it. England is now mostly empty of people with some
infecteds and some normals.

Our heroes try to reach a safe haven and fight the baddies on the
way. It is fairly predictable and the violence, surprise and horror
are all pretty tired. This got a good write up in the paper, but
they let me down.

The audience was mostly teens/early 20’s. One dork kept laughing at
all the wrong spots at the end. Well, the movie was supposed to be
funny when the dork laughed. The rest of us were not impressed.

Don’t waste your time. Read a book.

~Elric the Damned 

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