Movie Review – Hot Fuzz

Hot Fuzz Cover


Hot Fuzz is a British police farce.

Because I was a tad bored for the first half before the rousing finish, this only gets a 6.

Simon Pegg is Sergeant Nicolas Angel, an overachieving
London cop reassigned to a quiet country town so that he no longer makes the other

London police look bad compared to him. Naturally, he is assigned an incompetent, bone-headed partner, and they proceed to discover the town’s deep, dark secrets.

Half of the cast were in other British comedies most notably Shaun of the Dead, which I have heard is very, very funny. The actors were pretty funny and the plot was more interesting as the movie rolled along. This is probably a good rental for when you are bored and have some beers just waiting to be consumed in rapid succession.

The movie was kind of flat and semi-monotonous for the first half. It began to get more interesting as more of the mystery became exposed. Once the climactic gun battle at the end got rolling, the movie became very enjoyable and particularly funny. Of note was the sequence where the hero jumps a fence and kicks a shotgun toting, 92 year old woman in the face. Everyone in the theater laughed so it must be funny kicking old ladies in the face. Try it and see. The gun battle was a great over the top spoof of all other cop movie gun fights.

~Elric the Damned 

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