Gaming News: Wizards/Kenzer Licensing Agreements Ending


I know I’ve been MIA for several weeks now. Life has been quite busy and computing time has been at a premium at my house. Now that we have the new laptop though (in addition to our main desktop), things will be improving for HAG (in terms of time I can spend on it). I’ll start right in with a news item, ahem…a gaming news item. Ah, it feels good to have the geekitude flowing more briskly through my veins again as my pulse begins to race….Anyway, I get the SCRYE Gaming Report periodically in my email (a gaming news website that I recommend, by the way) and noted the following in my most recent installment:

The Scrye Gaming Report – Where Gamer’s Get Their News

Wizards/Kenzer Licensing Agreements Ending

Kenzer & Company has posted the following announcement on its forum:

It is with regret that we announce that KenzerCo’s license with Wizards of the Coast for the D&D brand and the oD&D/AD&D copyright licenses for use with HackMaster will be expiring soon after Gen Con. It was a fun seven year run and we really enjoyed writing official D&D materials and honoring former versions of that illustrious rules-set in our own particular KenzerCo way.


We will be happy to answer any questions on the subject on our discussion boards through the site.

discussion on this story go to Gaming Report!

Kenzer makes pretty well done stuff andHackmaster PHB Hackmaster definitely kept the dream alive to the “Love the Original Game(s) without all this Attack of Serendipity crap” crowd. I am sure that all the Hackmaster material that is going bye-bye will be missed by many. Hell, I never even played Hackmaster (though I’ve read it) and I’ll miss it. I guess I’m funny that way. I’m a progressive gamer with a big ‘ole streak of nostalgia.

I hope all are having a good night.

~Adaen of Bridgewater

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