The X-Files Movie Sequel and the Slippery Path to R’lyeh

X-FilesI read on E-Online that The X-Files movie sequel is on the way. I’m pretty excited about that, as is my wife, who is very into the X-Files.CoC Cover In fact, her enthusiasm for The Files has led her to embark on a second attempt at gaming…this time into the dark recesses found in The Call of Cthulhu Role-playing Game, (CoC).

Her previous foray into the world of gaming was an experiment in the D&D PHBrealms of D&D 3E which was not, shall we say, her cup of tea. She’s well versed in many gaming ideas, of course (since that’s my thing). However, she really hasn’t expressed any interest in playing after I coerced her into that ill-fated D&D game. Perhaps that was the problem, the coercion bit…hmmm, food for thought. Anyway, out of the blue, she asked to try out Call of Cthulhu. I was shocked, but quickly agreed and began my plans.

Her first game had been a solo-player game (with me GMing), and I thought that the social interchange between players may have been lacking. My brother and another gamer friend have moved to the area, so I’ve recruited them to join us for a one-off session. I questioned my wife about what she found interesting about CoC. The result of these dinner-table interrogations was that:

1) She was intrigued by what could be so horrible that one was actually gambling your sanity in learning about it (Experiencing the Mythos in CoC often leads to “Sanity Rolls” which lead to losing varying amounts of sanity for characters in the game). She was also intrigued by the horror and drama inherent in the genre (she has read a fair amount of Lovecraft in her day).

2) She isn’t into mechanical aspect of the game. She doesn’t need to know that because of, Matt ShimkusRogar’s 19 Strength, he is much more effective in combat and can lift gates 95% of the time. She does not like lengthy character creation processes. She wants the game to work. She doesn’t want to know why it works. She does not want to have a need to understand a multitude of rules to play.

3) I’m just so gosh-darn cute, she wants to spend more time with me.

So, I’m on the case…..After the session (which looks like it will be in August), I’ll post a synopsis of how it all went down. She seems pretty excited about this, and joins in when I randomly emote “R’yleh” around the house.  Cheers, for now.


One thought on “The X-Files Movie Sequel and the Slippery Path to R’lyeh

  1. S

    Tis true, tis true. I have, on my own accord, asked to play a rousing game of CoC. I’m looking forward to it mostly because I enjoyed reading Lovecraft (before kids when I had the time and energy to read). Anyway, hopefully I’ll retain enough sanity points to post my thoughts after the game. Signing off,
    The Wife

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