Thundercat Bloopers

Greetings and Happy Friday,

I was up talking to my brother last night and he told me about an audio file that’s online of Hoooooooooooo“Thundercat Bloopers”. Yes, that’s right The Thundercats, that cheezy 80’s cartoon about “furries” (before they were even called “furries”)….you know, those anthropomorphic cats with SciFi Tech and the mythical “Sword of Omens”. Cheesy, and yet we could not look away.

Anyway, it is pretty racyMumm-Ra (cursing/foul language, whatever), but I found the blooper audio here. If you lived through the Wrath of Mumm-Ra, you may appreciate it. A look further down the page of my Google-search turned up this….a video blooper of the same sort….I have to say, I laughed long and hard….er, milk came out of my nose….

Enjoy your day,


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