BRP New Release from Chaosium

Greetings All,

Though I am not an avid player of the Basic Roleplaying system, I do follow their products closely as they are often chuck full’o’goodness….and sometimes unimagined evil, but anyway..Here is the newest news on the new version of the backbone game system for Chaosium:

BRP CoverBasic Roleplaying for November 2007

According to Chaosium’s Dustin Wright, the bulk of the Basic Roleplaying manuscript is now in house, and the project is on track for an early November release. The manuscript is essentially laid out, and artwork should be completed by September. Maybe we can hope for a preview in October?

The page count for the book is expected to be staggering 384 pages. This is more than a 50% increase from the last news feed, and with only a $5 increase in the price!

This revised edition represents the core Chaosium game system, based on nearly 30 years of use and refinement. It is a complete collection of all the rules you would need to play in any sort of setting, from fantasy to sci-fi.

Some of the playtesters have described it as a pinnacle of roleplaying game design. And from Chaosium, we expect nothing less…

As you may know, I’m setting up a Call of Cthulhu game for my wife in the near term. Though we are not likely to be using the BRP version of the game, the spirit of Chaosium’s vision of the Mythos will be preserved….probably with a FUDGE/FATE or better yet a fully implemented HAGIS recipe! I will be posting the results in any case. Wish us luck.


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