Movie Review – War

War PosterWar is a Jet Li martial arts/assassin movie set in San Francisco. Jet Li can always be counted on and earns a 7.

Jason Statham is an FBI agent who is hunting down the yakuzi assassin, Rogue (Jet Li), who killed his partner in a sting operation years ago. You have to feel a bit sorry for any dumb bastard that is trying to take down Jet Li…

Statham is your typical bad ass cop that likes to flaunt the rules and has a failed marriage due to his revenge obsession. His acting is not all that good either. The movie’s dialogue qualifies as average. Devon Aoki (Sin City “Miho – Ninja enforced of Old Town”, 2 Fast 2 Furious) provides a touch of ruthless eye candy. However, this movie is not to be seen for the speechifying. Jet Li is bringing home the action with a little sword play and a little gun play. He also plays with his hands and feet. Of course, he invites the San Francisco branch of the yakuza and the triads to come play, too. And the cops are always one step behind. Someone has to clean up the mess.

The plot is well done and moves along nicely. The ending was clever and made sense. Another reason that I liked this movie is that I will be leaving for Japan next Saturday and then on to Hong Kong on the 17th. I hope to see, but not interact with, some yakuza and triads while I am there.


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