Zmesh Review – A Formal Assessment

The Zmesh product has been discussed on HAG before, but here is a more detailed view from Doc Pazzazzu….


I first learned of the ZPN Mesh as I struggled to find a way to facilitate online meetings between individuals scattered around the world. To make these sessions as productive as possible they required sharing a whiteboard and multiple simultaneous applications. It also needed to support video and voice conferencing. Finally, the sessions required rapid swapping of text, spreadsheet, and graphical files. Since most of the information being exchanged is confidential, security and encryption were paramount. Our groups tried many off-the-shelf solutions, but none were able to provide the set of features that were needed. I even tried to cobble together several solutions that specialized in each feature, but the resulting amalgam of applications was inadequate, ate up bandwidth, and was cumbersome.

When I heard of Zullo Technology’s ZPN Mesh, it sounded almost too good to be true. So I decided to give it a try. The ZPN Mesh client installed quickly and was very easy for everyone involved to use. Even the technophobes in the groups found it easy to install and get running. The ZPN Mesh even made it possible for individuals that are behind various firewalls and across many networks to interconnect and join the mesh, all without having to change or configure a single setting on their computer, firewall, or router.

One of the greatest benefits that we discovered on the ZPN Mesh was the ability to have several applications shared across multiple computers. When more than one person can view AND control several remote applications it provides unparalleled opportunity for communication. This feature has become such a staple to our on-line meetings that we can no longer conduct productive meetings without this ability. When we added in the other multi-media features, like the high quality voice conferencing, the video conferencing (adjustable quality control!), and file transfers, the ZPN Mesh blended all of these features together into a simple to use and efficient ensemble that even most nascent of computer users could utilize. And it did it without bogging down.

Even for people who don’t have regular on line meetings, this product still has huge potential. If you are maintaining the computers for a household or small company, the ZPN Mesh has shown itself to be an invaluable product. For example, it enabled rapid troubleshooting of my wife’s laptop on the other side of the globe, despite the fact that neither she nor I have very good computer skills. With only two mouse-clicks, I could “take over” her desktop and actually see the problem and attempt to troubleshoot it, all in real-time. This was perfect for a technophobe spouse that needs help with their laptop when traveling and also allowed her to send pictures and files back to the home computer for safe keeping.

One of the most important features to my online conferences is that all of the information passed between computers is encrypted. In my line of work, it is critical to be able to discuss any and all possibilities without fear of someone listening in and potentially getting the wrong idea, or stealing the confidential data. The ZPN Mesh has proven to me to be one of the most secure conferencing and online meeting solutions, bar none.

I highly recommend this powerful and easy to use product.

~Doctor Pazzazzu

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