HAGIS Element – The TriDie

In getting back to developing and describing HAGIS, let’s talk about the main mechanic randomizer…the TriDie. Torben Mogensen, esteemed RPG Mathematician of DoomTM,has been discussing this very mechanic in his recent article on RPG.net. Torben (and Woodelf….where, o where art thou, Woodelf?) were the first to propose this mechanic to me on the Yahoo RPG Create board.





Let me explain….no, there’s no time….Let me sum up. Rather than tell you how I got to where I am, let me tell where I am at now for HAGIS randomizer mechanics:

The base system randomizer involves rolling 3 dice of the same kind and taking the median (mid) value. The other two dice (the High and the Low values) are not directly used for randomizing normal contests (i.e., the vast majority of contests use the Mid value.

[That being said, the Low and High valued dice are used directly for special contests; when they are triggered. I’ll talk more about that later, for now let’s focus on the median, the mid value.]

For several reasons (which we can get into in discussion or as part of a future post), current HAGIS development is using 3 d20’s for this operation. The following plot shows the probability distribution for the mid_3d20:

HAGIS mid_3d20 Randomizer Probability

Any thoughts?

In a future post (or an update to this post), I will get more into the “grits” of the whats, hows, whys of the HAGIS default system. Also, I will step out of the theory lab and apply it for a real-world use, gaming with my wife (and brother too). The game is loosely titled: HAGIS:  Mythos/Mythos Files/Cthulhu Files/The Quest to fulfill my wife’s expectations……(no comments there, thank you).

~Adaen of Bridgewater

5 thoughts on “HAGIS Element – The TriDie

  1. I’m looking back on some open loops and just realized that I haven’t really responded to Tommi’s request….not really. Well, maybe I have. A while ago, I generated a pre-alpha version of the “designer notes” for Aega Mythea/HAGIS.

    I will pull them up….give them a quick review and then post them. I had promised this document to Peter Knutsen a while back, but have yet to deliver on it. I now have two requests from Scandinavia to produce the goods! Within 24 hours from now, I will do so.

    ~Adaen of Bridgewater

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