Progress with Bryce and DAZ

I’ve been playing with Bryce and DAZ with my three-year old. She absolutely loves it (well, she loves MS Paint too). Here’s some of the stuff we’ve come up with…just off the cuff. First, she wanted to do a boat. Well, I had that DAZ Viking Galley that we’d played with before. I think it came out a bit better this time….I’m learning after all.

Viking Sunset

Next, she *wanted* to do a flower. However, I didn’t have any good flower stuff handy….but I did have the Bryce tree editor. I convinced her a tree would be pretty cool. She agreed and here it is. Simple, but fun.

And then there was a tree....

Next, we couldn’t decide on whether to make this a rocket or a tower so it has some of the makings of both. In the end, I chose a stony texture for most of it…’s the Rocket Tower of Kansas.

And we cut down the tree and built a tower....

All in all, it is a lot of fun to play with these programs. To harness the full power of Bryce (and DAZ) there’s a bit of a learning curve, but hey, I’m still able to play around in the programs with a three-year old. I think we’ve produced some interesting/fun images that while not professional renders, are not that far off the mark.

I have also been working with Doc Pazzazzu who has been playing with DAZ for a while now (you can see a lot of his artwork on the site….including the HAG on the main page). Together, we are learning the capabilities of the Bryce package together and how it interfaces with DAZ. Before long, we will be generating some publishable images for Shadows of Reality and HAGIS projects. Below is the image we worked on together (in an exploratory fashion) last night (through the Zmesh interface…..the shared desktop functionality really is fantastic).

Northern Sea Mountain

Not too shabby for off the cuff, huh? We’d love to hear comments on this art (and any of the art on the website or on the Flickr Feed).

We plan on doing something really impressive soon. We’re learning how to use the tools in conjunction with one another. The Bryce manual is like a thousand pages long and there are tons of really great tutorials. All we need is time….


2 thoughts on “Progress with Bryce and DAZ

  1. None taken, Bill. Bryce is such a powerful tool and I’m just learning what all the knobs do. I haven’t actually been doing much with it at all of late as I’ve been rebuilding my server after a hard drive failure. Perhaps you’ll point me to some of your art online? Cheers.


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