C&C Tweak for Spellcasting

C&CAs mentioned, I’ve recently become a Castle & Crusades enthusiast…not so much for the system as is, but for how tweakable it is and for its ease/speed of use for pickup/online games (esp. with people who have played any version of D&D in the past).

Well, in line with the “tweakability” of the game, I recently contributed the following post to the Troll Lord online forum for the game and would like some feedback. In actuality, it uses the HAGUS/Aega Mythea paradigm of magic being just another skill.

I was intrigued by the variety of interesting ideas in the Spell Recovery Idea thread and thought I’d throw something else out there. What if spell casting used the Siege Engine too?

Here’s how I would envision it working:

1) Casters can cast any spell in their book/pantheon/etc. (no memorization, preparation, etc.).

2) Casters would Roll d20 + Caster Level + Attribute Bonus (if any) each time they cast a spell (Make a Siege Engine Check vs. their ability).

3) The DC for spells would be 18 + spell Level + any extra modifiers (high or low magic region, etc.).
If they make the Siege Roll, they cast the spell. End of story.

4) If the caster fails the Siege Roll, he/she still casts the spell, but loses a Caster Level until resting a solid 8 hours. If the effective caster level ever dips below zero…..something bad happens (e.g., Burnout, Magical Coma, HP reduced to half of current, etc.). Note that once a caster fails the first one, they’re more likely to miss the next one as effective caster level is now lower.

5) This can be tweaked to increase or decrease the magic in your game by adjusting the base DC, the consequences of failing the Siege Roll, and the impact of a Burnout.

Any thoughts?


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