Movie Review – Cloverfield

CloverfieldCloverfield is about some people trying to survive an attack on New York City as seen through a video camera one of the characters carries around for the whole movie.

This not-so-good movie rates a 6 although at times I probably would have given it a 5.

Too much time is spent introducing the characters for the first 20 minutes or so. They are unsympathetic and boring. I actually whispered to my friend that, “I hope they start getting killed soon!” They are having a going away party for Rob and one of the characters is using a video camera to film messages to Rob from the other guests. The building shakes, and everyone runs outside as the Statue of Liberty’s head comes bouncing down the street.

Four of the characters spend the rest of the movie trying to find another person and survive the rampage. Hud, a real doofus, carries the camera around for the whole movie and gets it all on film. The clever bit about this movie is that the entire film is shown through the camera that Hud carries around. That is also its biggest downfall (besides the poor plot and lame acting). Remember how the camera jerked around all through Blair Witch? Multiply it by 5 with much more wild swinging about of the camera to get an idea of how this movie shakes and shimmies.

For almost the entire movie, I felt physically ill. I had to look away frequently to keep from getting sick. It was just too much – never a break from camera swinging wildly around. I felt shaken up for about a half hour after the movie ended, and I very much enjoy going on roller coasters and sky diving. If you must see it, sit in the back. All five of us complained about the camera shaking as we crucified the movie afterwards. The plot was poor. It did not have suspense or scary parts. Not much blood either. The movie never explains what is attacking (it does show it), why or how. You just made me feel ill for 88 minutes. At least tell me what the hell is going on! The lack of information left at least three different explanations for what happened.

The ending actually leaves unclear how the movie ended. Not good. The acting was crappy, and I was hoping for the death of all the main characters. As a soldier tells them, “We don’t know what it is, but it’s kicking our ass!” Exactly.

2 thoughts on “Movie Review – Cloverfield

  1. Jmax

    I do know what you mean about the shaking, a friend of mine had to go to the lobby for a few minutes to get his bearings back, but I disagree with most of your opinions on this movie. It all goes into what you expected going in, and it was everything I expected. It could’nt just jump into the killing. The movie was simulating what a video tape might look like if found after this disaster. The party is how the whole thing starts and shows that everything was normal until the blackout which was awesome. The movie pulls you in and almost makes you think you are there with them. It isn;t over dramatic and cheesy, they are acting as if this stuff is really happening to them, and that’s the uniqueness of the film. And why does everyone keep complaining about not knowing what is going on, how it ends etc. That’s the point, not every single blank needs filled and not every question needs answered. That’s the art of the film. We sat down and watched a “video tha government recovered from the site”. It makes you wonder how people reacted to previous disasters as they were happening and they didn’t even know what was going on, but that they survived.

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