Movie Review – One Missed Call

One Missed CallOne Missed Call is a remake of the 2003 Japanese thriller.

While entertaining, this only rates a 6, almost a 7.

A woman is shocked to discover that her friends are dying.  Each one receives a voice mail from three days in the future from the phone of a person that is dying right now.  The message is the words or sounds that they will make when they die in three days.  Kind of neat idea.  The plot was pretty decent and generally made sense.  It was somewhat believable and predictable (don’t go into that building all by yourself!  Wait for backup…)  The ending did have a decent amount of suspense.

The acting was alright.  Edward Burns was the cop (looked familiar but I couldn’t place him.  From Saving Private Ryan).  Margaret Cho made a cameo as another cop at the station and did not impress.  The other actors were stock horror flick types and did a workable day’s work on it.

I enjoyed it, but it was not challenging or anything special.  As the credits rolled at the end, I heard a teen girl exclaim, “This was the worst movie ever!”  Everyone’s a critic…

5 thoughts on “Movie Review – One Missed Call

  1. Oops, I meant Burns…I like both of their work actually. It sounds like a movie that I would like. As long as you didn’t feel it was a load of crap, I’ll probably “rent it” from the library (free). That’s all I’m saying. I haven’t actually *been* to a movie in a long time….


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