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Malbeth the Seer knows I’m bald and hung….

Posted by Adaen of Bridgewater on February 13, 2008

Suspended Hobbit (and Dwarf)I put in my birth month on the Malbeth the Seer section of The Barrow-Downs Middle-earth website and this is what I got…I’m just wondering how they know about my hair…..






Today’s Prophecy for March-born
13 February, 2008

The signs portend that great fame lies in thy future! All the Peoples of Middle-earth shall name thee “The hairless one”, and they shall sing songs in commemoration of the time thou choked the fierce eagle of the Blue Mountains with thy fist.
– Malbeth the Seer –

That kinda sounds like he’s saying that I choke the chicken, but that my chicken is so freakin’ great that the word “eagle” must be used. With that, I’m ok. Yeah.


One Response to “Malbeth the Seer knows I’m bald and hung….”

  1. ebonshard said


    You bald fuck, you. By eagle, they meant that it would take an eagle’s powerful eyes to be able to see your little chicken.


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