Movie Review – Bullitt (1968)

Bullitt PosterBullitt is a classic witness-protection mob hit movie starring Steve McQueen (1968).

This solid flick earns an 8.

I am just writing this one up after watching it on cable. It was a cool plot, but what I am writing this for is to point out that this movie is really cool partly because of the car chase in the middle.

Two 1960s muscle cars chase each other through the streets of San Francisco. One was a Mustang, but I am not sure about the other. It was done very realistically. No jumping 20 feet through the air with no major damage or other unbelievable crap. A lot of sliding around corners and near misses of other cars. Well done.

The movie was enjoyable, but the car chase made it.

This would be a good Netflix rental. Steve McQueen rocks. He also starred in Papillon (1973), a French prison movie set in the Pacific. That was quite enjoyable, too.

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