A Confession and Curses, Curses to Lucas

Vader.This is very difficult. It is wrought with frustration, and anger, and guilt….As many of you know, I love the Star Wars trilogy….yes, the original, for reasons that I think will soon become apparent. OK, OK, I’ll just come out and say it….I…..have not……seen……Episode 3 yet……

I know…..I know. I can tell by your startled silence that you are making sanity checks at the horror of it all…How could someone who loves Star Wars and who maintains a website as geeky as this one not have seen it? The episode in which the specifics of Darth Vader’s fall are revealed? I accept my shame, but add that Lucas is not without blame….in fact, the seeds of this are steeped in Lucashood.

I have small children who do not sleep. Let me clarify. My daughter is 3 1/2 and did not sleep through the night once until she was 18 months old. It is only in the last year that it has become routine. I also have a son who is 18 months old…..who occasionally sleeps through the night.

Evenings out with my wife have been few and far between. We’ve been to one movie in the last 20 months or so (Cassanova…..it was my wife’s turn to pick). Anyway, we missed it at the theater.


My thought was to pick it up on DVD. I have the original trilogy (Episodes 4 – 6) in a compiled DVD set and thought that it would be only a matter of time before 1-3 were released in this way as well. Little did I know that Lucas would decide to “wait” to do this. Jeeze, George…what possible footage, interviews, extraneous bullshit could you have in reserve for this? Just release the damn thing. Sure, I could go buy them as serial, individual volumes….and I may yet do this, but enough with the damn edition swapping and format “upgrading”. I want to buy them once.

I recognize his right to sell them to me once. That’s it. I don’t care what format of HD Supertestosterone ejaculatory DVD version is now in vogue. I just want to be able to watch the movies I purchased in any digital format (i.e., in any preceding DVD format) forever. And so I wait. I could find them online and steal them, but I’m better than that….at least, I hope I am. Those bastards.


2 thoughts on “A Confession and Curses, Curses to Lucas

  1. Elric

    Have you heard of this great new technology called Blockbuster Video? Jeez, Adaen, you are an idiot!!!

    Episode III is the best one of the “new” episodes. Didn’t you read my review?


  2. Pazzazzu

    Or Netflix. My vote as you can get two brain numbing videos for the kids, and rent one for the Adults. Really opened my eyes to some great movies out there that are NOT found at Hollywood Shity-o. My reviews of some recent ones will follow….although it will be hard to muster the same standards as the Master. I agree; Episode III was the best, which is like saying I would rather be publically flogged than get tar and feathered.

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