Movie Review – Iron Man

Iron ManIron Man chronicles the origin of that special super hero.

This outstanding movie generates an 8.

They just did a fine and dandy job bringing this movie to life. It was big and loud with character and heart. Yes, a big glowing heart… Robert Downey Jr. was a dynamite selection for Tony Stark (Iron Man). He plays the selfish playboy so well (duh) and really makes one believe in the character. But he is not crass or melodramatic. His character is just so real and well played. He fits the part perfectly with his constant little sardonic comments and style. Gwenneth Paltrow does a fine job as his personal assistant although she does not have a tremendous amount of depth but loads of eye candy appeal. Jeff Bridges was good and played his character well as Stark’s business partner.

The plot was very good and very interesting. I never read the comic much so I cannot comment on how well it follows the comic. This interpretation and explanation was very compelling and believable. The movie was a bit long, but that was ok. It took its time developing the story and the creation of the suit and Tony Stark’s personal character development. It made you feel sympathetic to the characters and to the story. The movie keeps you engaged and interested. I walked away very satisfied.

The Iron Man suit was superb. It had so many details and just seems to be technically possible as they go through the steps building it. There are some obvious engineering and aeronautical problems, but they are so forgivable as the story and characters win you over. The detail of the suit with its many segments, connection and software was truly amazing to watch. The studio put a lot of attention into the making of the suit, and it really pays off. It really made me smile a lot.

Being an action movie, Iron Man lived up to the advertisements. The chase scene with the F-22 jets that you see on tv was very cool in the theater and was concluded skillfully. There is so much more to it than what you see in the adverts. Overall, the action segments were enthralling and well done. Bravo!

After the very, very long credits at the end, there is a bonus scene. Comic book geeks will really appreciate it.

This movie was outstanding.

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