Movie Review – Shutter

Shutter MovieShutter is your typical horror movie with a Japanese twist.

This reasonably well-done flick gets a 7.

Shutter is about a newly married couple who honeymoon near Mount Fuji before the husband begins a photo shoot in Tokyo. They run over a mysterious woman at night on the honeymoon and crash off the road into a tree. When they get their senses back, the woman is gone without a trace. Soon, mysterious (ghostly, perhaps…) images begin appearing on the photos that the couple take of the honeymoon and the photo shoot. What is going on? The suspense builds, things happen and an answer is provided.

The plot is pretty interesting and workable. This is not the most original movie ever, but it gets the job done. The acting is decent, and they do a good job of building suspense and generating a little horror. Maybe it was because I was the only person in the theater that the suspense built up nicely. Every time I heard something move or creak, I looked around to make sure no one had come in from the back to scare me. Since I was alone, I decided to be naughty and make a brief phone call during the movie. (Oh, slap my hand!)

Most of the movies was set in Tokyo, which was very nice since I recognized several of the places that I visited there last fall.

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