Movie Review – The Ruins

The RuinsThe Ruins is a horror movie about Mayan ruins in Mexico.

This decent movie gets a 7.

It was your typical horror movie. College kids go to Mexico on spring break to party. They meet a German student that knows about a Mayan ruin that is “off the map.” They go despite several warnings/bad signs and then start getting killed off one by one. It was actually pretty interesting despite the formulaic nature of the plot.

Certainly, there will be no Oscar nominations, and I will never know the names of the actors from this movie, but I did enjoy it. One nice twist was that the guys never went down into the vertical shaft on top of the jungle temple. They always sent the two girls down into the pit because it took both guys to turn the winch to lower the ladies into certain danger. Nice.

The acting was acceptable and the premise was pretty good. The kids didn’t always make the rational choices, but would it be a horror movie if they did? It was enjoyable and gave me a new, healthy respect for flowers.

Remember, if you are in the jungle and some wild-eyed guy rides up on a horse and starts screaming at you in Mayan, don’t climb on that temple…

2 thoughts on “Movie Review – The Ruins

  1. ahouseofhorror

    I picked up the book at an airport when I had a few hours to kill. I was surprised by how deeply sucked in to the book I got (pun intended). I truly had a hard time putting it down until the bitter end. It was a great read, no doubt better than the movie could be (although I would still like to see the movie). The character development is well done, and it’s a neat (though horrifying) twist that their complex personalities lead them to their ultimate doom. I highly recommend getting the paperbook. Thanks for the movie review!

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