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Secret Blue Mountain

Posted by Adaen of Bridgewater on May 24, 2008

Mountain O

My daughter and I spent a little fun-time in Bryce building this “secret mountain/rainbow-scape”. We hope you like it…..I like to think its a mountain of sapphire…


4 Responses to “Secret Blue Mountain”

  1. Pazzazzu said

    Not bad Adean; the concept is good. The sky/back rainbow/back mountains go well.

  2. ebonshard said

    The dwarves will set upon that in no time…

  3. Thanks. The Bear (my daughter) will be pleased to hear you both liked it. Also with regard to the dwarves….my wife (s) has pointed out that it is possibly “Fool’s Sapphire” (Cu2SO4)*5H2O….Someone on the Dwarven Scouting team would be in trouble if they came home with that!


  4. […] 5, 2009 My daughter (4) is really getting into the whole computing thing. I’ve posted about our joint Bryce work in the past. Here’s her latest piece. I’m really starting to get into […]

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