Update to EtD Bio…..finally

Elric has finally gotten me a bit of a bio for the page:

Ok, I think that this can be my bio on HAG.

Often I sit voyeuristically in a dark room, my eyes adoringly caressing the brightly lit screen and the brave actors and actresses who bare their souls (and sometimes their chests) for those who silently watch in the dark, grateful to escape the reality of their wretched lives if just for a short moment.

While one of my favorite pastimes is critically reviewing movies from my perch in Cleveland, I have many other interests. My background is in economics and finance; I am a professional investor and love history. Travel to foreign lands, keeping active in the outdoors with hiking and running, supporting my Browns and enjoying bold red wines and hoppy beers round out my interests. I would be remiss not to include that one of my favorite activities is watching one of the best shows ever – Battlestar Galactica. Yes, I also like the original show.


Looks good, E. It’s up on your “About” page.


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