Movie Review – You Don’t Mess with the Zohan

ZohanYou Don’t Mess with the Zohan is about an Israeli counter-terrorist that wants to cut and style hair.

This funny romp gets an 8.

Adam Sandler (Zohan) hit all the right buttons in this one. His character is endearing, funny and waaay over the top. He is Israel’s greatest counter-terrorism soldier. His martial arts and combat skills are outrageous and hilarious. If you have never seen anyone catch a bullet with their nostril, this movie is for you. Clearly, there is no attempt at realism here, and the crowd loved it.

Zohan is tired of war and leaves for America to pursue his dream – cutting and styling hair to be silky smooth. He struggles in NYC but eventually finds work at a salon run by Palestinians (ahhhh!). Let’s just say that his styling style is also over the top and outrageously funny. The customers love him, literally.

The other characters were also delightful. John Turturro was excellent as the Phantom, Zohan’s most formidable Palestinian terrorist foe. Rob Schneider was pretty good as a Palestinian wronged by Zohan back in the old country and is bent on revenge in NYC. Kevin Nealon, Henry Winkler and Paul Mitchell also have bit parts and did alright.

Good times.

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