Dragon Tavern

Dragon TavernI’ve started playing the Dragon Tavern online game. It is the quintessential, barebones, text-based dungeon crawl game. I’m playing a Stormlord named “Adaen” of course.

Although it might be viewed as a timewaster, I’m finding the low-brainpower-input-required aspect of it very refreshing. Well, that and they limit the number of free turns you have/day. Anyway, if you’re in the market for something simple that involves killing monsters and taking their stuff, this may fill the bill.

If pressed for a numerical rating, I’d give it a 7…it does what it sets out to do pretty well.


13 thoughts on “Dragon Tavern

    1. Veve

      … You know where those games like WoW and Runescape come from? That’s right, straight back to the good old fashion Text RPG’s. If you can’t accept what a true RPG is, then… (you listen to me gabble on for hours)… Hey is that a pancake? *I walk off*

  1. Nope, there’s no place where you just run around. There’s no “action” displayed at all. Its all text based and the exploring/geography of things is all an abstraction. I think that is what appeals, I don’t have to many things to consider for the game and can imagine the details any way I wish (or not at all).

    Don’t get me wrong, I love games that delve into those things, but I appreciate this game for what it is and enjoy the fun it provides.


  2. Lythandar

    I have to admit I like this game, I know dial up is an archaic technology to most people but those with dial up can play this game without having such bad lag compared to paying things like wow or everquest where you push forward and half an hour later your foot has moved an inch

  3. inknform

    I just started playing it yesterday, in the hopes that I would find an “enjoyable, no-brainer, time passing, web-based” game…and I did so, there ya have it.

    I`d say the only real skill you need to figure out what resistance skills you to upgrade to so you can counter the baddies.

    Not a bad game and the interface is user friendly.

  4. Stickin Thespokes

    I am addicted to orpg’s I really like this one because yes…it is a no brainer and it has some depth to it.I mean geez I remember when we didnt even have pictures for our browser /text games.Its come a Looong way.My only wish for it is that they would make the betting a little easier,I lost bets 9 x in a row.

  5. Fallopiana

    I really liked this game – for all the reasons stated above!

    Reading is good, and this beats solitaire hands down when I need a little mind numbing. Just enough to pique my interest/intelligence (trying to figure out who can beat what, where why and how) and not too much to frag my computer.

    Thumbs up!

  6. Ole1kanobe

    Just don’t dare offer any suggestion on game improvement in their ‘Renovations and Reality Adjustments’ section or they will ban your account permanently.
    Strange bunch of characters.

  7. Ole1kanobe

    The issue I had with the game was resolved, apparentlty my account was confused with a suspected spammer. Going through the forum it seems as they have an absolute zero tollerance policy when it comes to any type of spam within the game’s forum regardless if it is for a different game or cheap rolex watches. Good idea and keeps the forum database clean and flowing well for the players.

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