Movie Review – The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight takes Batman to the limit as he battles the mania of The Joker.

This outstanding rendition jets through with a 9.

After The Dark Knight had already grossed almost $500 million in ticket sales, I finally got my sorry butt into a seat at the theater. It wasn’t a lack of interest as Batman Begins was outstanding. It has been too much time out of the country and out of town of late. Enough of boring old me and back to the real thriller…

The movie was outstanding. Heath Ledger really was the star of the show. He threw himself into being The Joker making it a stupendously powerful character. The Joker’s mania cascaded brilliantly as well as his cold insanity. Ledger is my odds-on favorite for an Oscar for best supporting actor (I am not sure if one can get an Oscar posthumously).

Christian Bale continued to be a solid Batman although I don’t have much to say on his character this time. Michael Caine and Maggie Gyllenhaal were both up to par in their supporting roles as was Gary Oldman and Morgan Freeman. Aaron Eckhart played the role of Harvey Dent with skill. The new District Attorney Dent came across strongly as the clean-cut, idealistic politician seeking to provide for the public good instead of for himself. Sadly, a rare politician these days. I enjoyed how he played his role with earnest and energy. Certainly, it was a fine cast and excellent acting.

The plot kept me interested and had many fine turns. It seemed to have reached a possible conclusion several times when it suddenly jumped the tracks and moved in a new direction. Well done! Heath Ledger was especially important to the magical plot shifts and surprises. What an outstanding actor! It was good fun to see Batman travel to Hong Kong briefly as I was just wandering around the streets at the base of the buildings in the movie in Hong Kong last September. Good times. The movie kept me interested and emotionally engaged. It thrilled and provided much to think about.

It would be delightful if the next installment is as good.

One thought on “Movie Review – The Dark Knight

  1. gabriellabellaaa

    I think I was the only person in the world who didn’t like this movie.
    I loved Heath. He was outstanding, but nothing else worked for me. I just had a major headache at the end.
    I liked it way more than Spiderman 3 though.

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