Hi All,

I just realized that I’ve been ominously silent of late. Real life has keept me hopping to say the least. Anyway, I’m going to make some time for gaming schtuff, because, well I want to. Check back to see what I have in store!


For now, I’ve started building my Game Library Catalog…a database that I’ve envisioned of my gaming books, etc. I’ve had the issue of buying schtuff that I already have. Yes, this means I have too much of it, but I ain’t getting rid of it….

Anyway, I’ve envisioned this mega-database all souped up and high-tech with a Bar-code scanner input, loads of information on each book, and the whole nine yards….Now I’m happy to just type the title in for each (and maybe a note). I can always add more fields later….and its just going faster this way. I’ve got maybe 10% in the DB (I’m using OpenOffice. org’s “Base” program….its a free alternative to MS Access). I get a little in each night. Its oddly de-stressing. Out of nostalgia, I input the Moldvay Basic Dungeons & Dragons cover first… just seemed right. Jeff Rients had some nice stuff to say about Molday’s schtuff a while back too…

Anyway, I may post it when its complete (or at least more complete than it is now).



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