Thieves World

Cover from the Thieves World Gaming Supplement
For a long time now, I’ve been aware of the gaming potential for the city of Sanctuary that is the focal point of Thieves World. So, a year or two ago, I picked up the Thieves’ World Complete Adventure Pack (on eBay…probably for too much money, but I digress).
Its a great supplement with lots of really great information about the city and stats for residents of Sanctuary for multiple gaming systems (all popular in the early 80’s). Pretty nifty, indeed. Sanctuary is what I call, the quintessential “Dirty Fantasy City” that is such a staple in fantasy. It is a place where intrigue reigns supreme, one should sleep with one eye open, and anything can be bought for a price….AND, it is home to the quintessential “dirty tavern”, the Vulgar Unicorn.
In looking through the supplement, an old school boxed set, it struck me that I’d never read the novels on which it is based. So, I’ve  been reading the Thieves’ World novels (also bought on eBay….this time pretty cheap) to remedy this (I’m on #3) and I have to say, I’m really enjoying them.
Each of the novels is a compilation of short stories from a variety of fantasy authors in the city of Sanctuary. The editor, Robert Lynn Aspirin, is the mastermind behind the series. He explains in his essay in the first book was first conceived over *many* drinks at a fantasy convention….so I suppose alcohol should get equal booking.
Wow, while making the link to his Wikipedia page above, I was surprised to see that he just died this past May….Its been a rough year for fantasy.

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