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Play-by-Post RPG

Posted by Adaen of Bridgewater on December 16, 2008

I’m enjoying about Doc Rotwang’s  PBEM game over at his infamous “I waste the Buddha with my crossbow” blog. Traveller…Good. I need to game me some of that online stuff. Although I do get to play 1-2 times a month and a similar amount via skype (for playtesting Shadows of Reality), I don’t get to GM…and I miss it.  Don’t get me wrong, I love face to face play (but I miss like half the sessions the group plays) and the VOIP works well (but I go to bed early most nights)….so its time for something a bit more restricted-time-friendly

My free time is a bit scarce and the people who’d be playing are scattered….so its time for something supportive of remotivity (its a word…honest).  I’ll be following suit with Rotwang and setting something up online. I’m leaning toward a play-by-post setup (with emails generated) probably through YahooGroups. I’d supplement this with voip and/or the occasional face-to-face play.

Now to set it all up. I’m hoping to keep it simple and a little more seat-of-pants than usual due to the nature of post-based games. Hmmmm…I’ll have to think about this during my ride home.


3 Responses to “Play-by-Post RPG”

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  2. Onion said

    I do recommend Yahoo Groups as a simple group format, it’s very easy to get started and the site is pretty much plain vanilla so it’s simple – but that’s all you need really.
    You can use forums to play play-by-post games too, there are plenty around.
    I’ve actually been working on creating a site that is a bit of both, a custom-made site for creating play-by-post games, where you can manage your character and locations, and tag each of your story posts with the characters involved etc.

  3. @Onion Thanks very much. I have used YahooGroups in the past, but was really looking to see what else was available (what others have preferred). In any case, thanks for stopping by.


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